Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club
Range Safety Rules

1. Keep action of your gun open except when it is your turn to fire.  

2. Never load a shell into any part of your gun until on your post or station. 

3. Never load more than one shell unless the event requires two shells. Shells must contain shot size; #71/2 or smaller.

4. Always keep guns pointed down range in a safe direction. 

5. Do not move from post to post or station with a shell in any part of your gun. 

6. In the event of a misfire or weak report always check your barrel for obstructions. 

7. Shooters only on the ranges, other than range officials.  

8. Always stay clear of target windows and trap machines. 

9. Be observant of others on the range. 

10. Be courteous and show your sportsmanship at all times. 

11. Exercise due caution in picking up fired cases. Retrieve only your own (after everyone in the squad is done shooting). Others may want theirs also.  

12. Do not delay your squad - others are waiting to shoot.