The Sporting Clays Course is set up to be interesting and challenging; but not discouraging for the average shooter.  The course is set up different each month, to make it interesting.  We use Standard, Midi, Mini, Battues and Rabbit targets.  Our stations are either report pair, following or true pair targets.

Cost to Shoot
Registered Shooters - $42 + $4 NSSA & $2 WSCA fees
Non-Registered Shooters (Hunters Class) - $42

Registered Youth (to 16 years) - $22+ $4 NSSA & $2 WSCA fees
Non-Registered Youth (Hunter Class to 18 years) - $22

The club is now using a shotgun start for sporting clays.
Registration starts at 8:00 am till 9:30 am. 

All shooters must be on station and ready to shoot at 10:00 am (a Shotgun Start). Shooters will sign up for a squad of six and a starting station number. Score card will be delivered by the club before 10 o'clock to each station. 

If your group wants to shoot together come early and sign up for a station, Payment required when signing-up, otherwise it is first come first served.

Shooter coming late can sign up to shoot the second round (afternoon shoot ~ 12:15) along with reshoots and club personnel that worked in the morning.BUT
Please note, when the weather is inclement we will not run an afternoon shoot. This will be determined by club officials.

Registered Shooters Scores are posted at the 
Washington Sporting Clays Association
and at

All scores will be also posted on the club web page
Sporting clay results
Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club
Sporting Clays Course

We sell shotgun shells 
12 gauge = $7.50
20 gauge = $7.50

Shotgun shells must be 2-3/4 inch or smaller and have a shot size of 7.5 or smaller
No 3 or 3.5 inch shells.

Pump Gun 50 round Registered shoot on June 10, 2018
Double Gun 50 Round Sporting Clay fun shoot on July 8, 2018
These shoots  starts about at 1:00pm 

- $35 Entry fee ($15 of which goes to Lewis class Prizes). 
-Event starts at 1PM after regular Sporting Clays.
- Both shoots will consist of 50 Targets. 
-Prize Money; goes to the top shooter in each of the Lewis class groups. 
- Class groups will consist of 5 shooters and the number of Lewis class groups will be determined by the number of shooters that sign-up for the pump gun event. 
-Example of prizes, if we have, 20 shooters X $15.00 = $300.00 / 4 class group winners) = $75.00 per class winner.
-Class groups determined by using a Lewis class system. 

Ties will be settled by the shooter having the highest score on station #___ , still tied, then on station # ___, then on station #___ , and then on station # _. 
-Tie stations will be selected by a non shooter after shooting starts.
-Everyone has a chance to win a class.
-Registration anytime between 9:00 and 12:15pm.