Members= $4.75, or a10 round punch card for $40.00
Military and Youth = $5.00
Non members = $6.50
12 & 20 gauge shells = $7.50
Taxes included in the price.

When shooting trap using voice release, please be carful and not talk to your fellow shooters on the line as it causes unwanted birds to be thrown.
If you want to give instruction use the manual release button on the on/off device.  Excess clay targets loss or thrown over and above the 25 per round of trap can be a factor for increasing the cost of shooting. 

Shotgun shells must  be 2-3/4 inch and have a shot size of 7.5 or smaller.
No 3 or 3.5 inch shells.
For the Continental League schedule, registration and Rules see web page below or if interested talk with 
John Mullins = for info.  
.5th Annual Gold Mountain Open 600 Registered PITA Targets May 18th – 20st, 2018 
Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club 7553 State Hwy 3 SW Bremerton, WA 98312 (360) 674-2438 

Welcome everyone, the Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club would like to extend an invitation to all shooters to join us for the Gold Mountain Open. Canadian shooters are welcome to attend the tournament and this program serves as their invitation.  

The Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club has been authorized to hold a registered trap shoot on May 19th –20st, 2018. PITA rules will govern this shoot and scores shot will be included in the official record. Targets may be cross-registered with the ATA and are subject to all fees, rules and requirements. 

Competition targets will be shot over Pat Traps and Beomat Traps with Canterbury corded voice releases. Full orange 
White Flyer pitch targets will be used in all events. Club Management is responsible for all target settings and target alterations. 

R.V. sites are available on site with power and water. Reservations are recommended to ensure availability for the shoot, please contact John Mullins at for a reservation.  

WSPITA Doubles League will be held on Friday, May 18th starting at Noon. Practice traps will also be open for singles and handicap practice at Noon. 

Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club reserves the right to modify this program, all or in part. The club is also not responsible accidents or loss of property. 

All monies will be split. Bremerton Pins to Singles and Doubles Class Champions. Bremerton Pins to Champion, Runner-Up and 3rd Place in both Handicaps  

Pre-squadding will be available through Bob McLendon at 

Cross Registration targets with ATA will be available. 

No Practice will be available on Saturday or Sunday. Practice will be available starting at Noon on Friday, May 18th. 

Breakfast and lunch will be available for both days.  

Please Read: $10.00 out of each entry goes back to the shooters. Shooter money for the Singles and Doubles events will be split 60/40 high gun evenly per class. Handicap money will be split into high gun system, 50/30/20 overall, no yardage groups.   
.Saturday, May 19th, 2018 Registration at 8am Event 1 starts at 9am 

Daily Fees: PITA Daily Fee $4.00 WSPITA Target Fee $1.50 

Event 1: Singles (100 Targets) 3 Classes: A,B,C Entry $34.00 Lewis (3 Classes, 100%) $10.00 Class Purse $10.00 

Event 2: Gold Mountain Handicap (200 Targets) $500.00 Guaranteed - 50/30/20 Split 

Entry $68.00 Super Lewis 200
 (4 Classes, 100%) $20.00 Lewis 1st 100 (3 Classes, 100%) $10.00 Lewis 2nd 100 (3 
Classes, 100%) $10.00 Cash Purse (50/30/20 High Gun) $10.00 Magnum 1st 100 $12.00 Magnum 2nd 100 $12.00  

Sunday, May 20th, 2018 Registration at 8am Event 4 starts at 9am 

Daily Fees: PITA Daily Fee $4.00 WSPITA Target Fee $1.50 

Event 4: Singles (100 Targets) 3 Classes: A,B,C Entry $34.00 Lewis (3 Classes, 100%) $10.00 Class Purse $10.00 

Event 5: Handicap (100 Targets) Entry $34.00 Lewis (3 Classes, 100%) $10.00 Cash Purse (50/30/20 High Gun) $10.00 Magnum $12.00 

Event 6: Doubles (100 Targets) 2 Classes: A&B Entry $34.00 Lewis (3 Classes, 100%) $10.00 Class Purse $10.00 

High Overall Pins: Events 1-5 PITA High Overall Pins will be awarded to HOA and HOA class winners.