Members= $4.75, or a10 round punch card for $40.00
Military and Youth = $5.00
Non members = $6.50
12 & 20 gauge shells = $7.50
Taxes included in the price.

When shooting trap using voice release, please be carful and not talk to your fellow shooters on the line as it causes unwanted birds to be thrown.
If you want to give instruction use the manual release button on the on/off device.  Excess clay targets loss or thrown over and above the 25 per round of trap can be a factor for increasing the cost of shooting. 

Shotgun shells must  be 2-3/4 inch and have a shot size of 7.5 or smaller.
No 3 or 3.5 inch shells.
For the Continental League schedule, registration and Rules see web page below or if interested talk with 
John Mullins = for info.  

The PITA shoot will be on May 18th. 19th.& 20th.

Interclub League Trap Shoot June 9th.

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From: John Mullins <>
Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2018, 8:35 AM
Subject: Bremerton Work Party - May 12th
To: John Mullins <>


I wanted to get this on everyone's calendars early, we are planning on having a work party on May 12th at the club. The goal will be to prepare the club for the upcoming PITA shoot as well as other general maintenance items. If anyone has any ideas for items that they would like to see done please let me know and I can start a list of goals.

So far we have:
- Edge Fields
- Weedeat 
- Clean Clubhouse
- Tidy up the Club in general
- Blade the fields
- Fill potholes as required
- Clearing for Sporting Clays??.